Freedom Meditech is focused on providing “free and healthy” alternatives to existing diagnostic tools for the detection, monitoring and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Our products include the FDA cleared CLEARPATH DS-120™ to detect autofluorescence on the lens of the eye and our non-invasive glucose monitor to help monitor diabetes (in development, not FDA approved.)

In the U.S. there are about 25.8 million people with diabetes and another estimated 79 million with pre-diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate 90% of those with pre-diabetes don’t know they have the condition. The World Health Organization estimates there are 220 million people worldwide living with diabetes and that this will more than double by 2030. Diabetes has significant end stage complications such as loss of sight, limbs or kidney function. And yet it is been established that early detection can stop disease progression with proper intervention and or treatment.

While diabetes is common, it can be avoided. New technology is now available to detect, evaluate and monitor risk factors for diabetes, which will help physicians determine the most accurate assessment of a patient’s health.

In early 2013, Freedom Meditech received FDA clearance for our CLEARPATH DS-120™ device that detects autofluorescence of the crystalline lens of the eye. In independent scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals, elevated autofluorescence measurements have been linked to high levels of advanced glycosylated end products, which accumulate in the presence of diabetes.

The evaluation using the CLEARPATH DS-120™ is quick and simple:

  • Painless – The only one of its kind.
  • Quick – No preparation required. Six second scan. Immediate results.
  • Non-invasive – No blood or needles

The evaluation starts with a few simple questions from your healthcare professional to determine if you are at risk for diabetes. Based on this information, you doctor may feel there is a recommended second step – a six-second scan of your eye. Here is a video to demonstrate:

The next steps are clear. If the results from your evaluation indicate signs of uncontrolled glucose, your doctor will consult with you and may refer you to your primary care physician for review and follow-up.

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