Expanded Research Confirms Freedom Meditech Technology Accurately Monitors Glucose Non-Invasively in the Eye with Light

Published Thursday, March 10, 2011

TOLEDO, OHIO (March 10, 2011) – People with diabetes, who currently monitor their glucose with painful and inconvenient blood tests or implanted probes, could in the future, get the same results by rapidly shining a safe non-invasive light into their eye, according to results of a study published in the March issue of the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.

“We are very pleased with these promising results and plan to move our research to the next phase of human clinical studies,” said Craig Misrach, Chairman & CEO of Freedom Meditech. “We believe that our proprietary technology could someday become a standard of care for quick and convenient glucose monitoring for people with diabetes.”

The study involved directly measuring glucose non-invasively using optical polarimetry. The concentration of glucose in the aqueous humor (the fluid and blood in the eye behind the cornea and in front of the lens) of rabbits was compared to blood glucose samples. Peer-reviewed published research has shown that glucose in the aqueous of the eye correlates to that of glucose in the blood. Based on a total of 41 data points, Clarke error grid analysis indicated 93% in zone A, 7% in zone B, and 0% in zones C and D, with reference concentrations between 93 and 521 mg/dl.  The Clarke error grid is used to determine the accuracy of blood glucose measurements with zone A being most accurate.

“An optical polarimetry technique was used for in vivo physiological glucose monitoring. The technique demonstrated provides a basis for the development of a noninvasive polarimetric glucose monitor for home, personal, or hospital use,” concluded the article, which was authored by Georgeanne Purvinis, Ph.D., of the Battelle Memorial Institute; Brent D. Cameron, Ph.D., of the University of Toledo; and Douglas M. Altrogge, D.V.M., of North American Science Associates, Inc.

The article, entitled Noninvasive Polarimetric-Based Glucose Monitoring: An in Vivo Study, may be found at www.journalofdst.org.

About Freedom Meditech

Freedom Meditech, Inc. is a medical device company focused on the commercialization of novel ophthalmic technologies for the management of diabetes.  The company is developing two products that non-invasively scan the eye with light to screen for diabetes and monitor glucose levels. The company’s glucose monitoring product targets an estimated $13 billion market and is being designed as a compact handheld device that can seamlessly attach to a person’s key chain for easy and convenient use multiple times a day. The company’s diabetes screening product line, estimated to encompass an estimated $3 billion untapped global market, has demonstrated the ability to detect diabetes rapidly, without a blood draw, and before diabetes complications have advanced. This product line is designed initially for use by ophthalmic care practitioners – a market entry point where diabetes can be detected early in people at risk.  Both devices are in the development stage.

The company maintains primary research and development operations throughout Ohio with supporting corporate and engineering activities in San Diego, CA.  The company is currently securing a $12 million B-round of preferred stock financing and is assessing alignment with strategic partners.  For more information, visit www.freedom-meditech.com.

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